Commercial property consultancy

Commercial property consultancy

Client:Commercial property consultancy
Sector:Real Estate
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20% YoY decrease in CPC for paid search

212% increase in YoY conversions from search engine traffic

Our client had a straightforward goal — they wanted to increase the number of qualified leads driven through search marketing, both organic and paid.

The Challenge

Our client came to us having used PPC and SEO agencies in the past, but found results poor, and acquisition costs expensive.

This made our period of connection with our client even more important. As part of our onboarding process, we deep dive into the business’ overall objectives, available market opportunity and overall mission (find out more) to determine how best we can support on meeting their goals. Following this, we devised a strategy to improve search visibility, both organic and paid. We managed to set the following objectives:

Capitalise on existing in-market search engine demand through paid and organic search
— Align the paid and organic channels to have a fully informed and cohesive campaign with one unified strategy for search
— Deliver increased leads by 3x

One of the key challenges for our client in paid search is a high cost per click for their target keywords. In any case where organic search could lift some of the cost of these clicks, it was essential that visibility was maximised, and the budget was spent as efficiently as possible.

The solution

Part of the issue with performance of previous agencies was a disconnect between paid and organic channels – something all too common with marketing agencies.

To help address this, we leveraged our innovative approach to search marketing which we call Connected Search. This is in part a dashboard allowing comparison of performance in both organic and paid search at the same time.

This helps to bridge the gap between paid and organic search results and performance; highlighting both strong and weak performing keywords on both channels, as well as giving a top-down view on overall search performance.

Our approach to Connected Search allows us to efficiently shift budget and resource to powerfully effect change on the appropriate channel, as well as:

— Identify keywords driving strong organic performance with no/low paid visibility
— Identify keywords with strong paid visibility with no/low organic visibility
— Pinpoint keywords highlighted in keyword research with no/low visibility in both channels

The combined insight of using the data from organic and paid search in tandem allowed us to identify a larger pool of keywords to target across both channels.

Our Connected Search is immensely powerful in situations like this, as it allows a like-for-like comparison of market share in paid search versus organic search. This covers key metrics across both channels such as reach and clicks, and allows for further drill down to specific categories, analyse trends in market share across the two channels, and see performance trends and keyword comparison, all visualised in one view. This increases efficiency compared to considering disparate data sources, whilst offering a deeper level of insight.

Using these insights, we were able to effectively target growth keywords. On paid, we could target more niche keywords more cost effectively, and organic, find long-tail opportunities that paid traffic wouldn’t typically cover.

The results

We started our partnership with the client in March 2022, and by September in the same year we had achieved our main objectives of bringing together two disparate channels, and crucially, delivering more leads through search.

Headline performance stats

  • — 20% YoY decrease in CPC for paid search
  • — 155% increase in YoY impressions
  • — 223% increase in YoY search traffic
  • — 212% increase in YoY conversions from search engine traffic 
  • — Number of Top 20 tracked commercial keywords ranking increased from 3 to 38
  • — Number of Top 20 tracked commercial and research keywords ranking increased from 19 to 86


With our Connected Search approach, we increased both traffic and conversions to our client’s site by over 200%, at a reduced cost per click. In an industry where CPCs are very high, not only did we drive more valuable leads to our client, we did so at a greater efficiency at a lower CPC.

Bonded have helped us change our approach and have utilised their experience to ensure the results are both valid and cost effective. We have seen a month on month increase in visits to our website which has in turn led to an increase in clients and the generation of more revenue.

— Our client’s Strategic Marketing Manager

Not only this but our work with the client was shortlisted for an award in a regional marketing awards programme, which was a fantastic recognition of our hard work to date.

We continue to work with the client on growing their performance to this day, and our partnership goes from strength to strength.