May 16, 2023

Social media spending falls for the first time ever

With diminishing ROAS and concerns around privacy, paid social budgets have taken a hit.
May 1, 2023

How can chatbots help your digital strategy?

As chatbots become more advanced, how can they be most effectively used?
April 17, 2023

The importance of creativity when advertising in an automated world

While automation runs rife in digital advertising, human creativity and connection will remain a differentiator.
April 3, 2023

Social audio doesn’t sustain its lockdown momentum

Clubhouse couldn't make it work, but elements like trending sounds are here to stay.
March 27, 2023

Ecommerce marketing brings about an SMS renaissance

The humble text message is making an unlikely comeback as an attention-grabbing channel.
March 13, 2023
laptop screen showing youtube

YouTube continues its aggressive push into Shorts

YouTube wants to you take your eyes off TikTok and onto Shorts…
March 3, 2023
a mobile phone Home Screen showing the TikTok app

Do TikTok’s recent updates cement its place in your strategy?

Don't dismiss the king of short-form video from your marketing mix.
February 20, 2023
an iphone showing twitter app installation

Twitter Ads: Is now the best time to advertise on Twitter?

Are Twitter's new ad formats enough to tempt advertisers back?