Celebrating Connection: Halloween TV Adverts

Celebrating Connection: Halloween TV Adverts

Steve Underwood October 29, 2021

Last week we launched our celebration of TV adverts that have connected effectively with audiences – as part of our 6 month Festival of Connection; a celebration of authentic human connection in business.

Over this weekend we’ll continue the celebration campaign by highlighting the best Halloween adverts of the past 50 years!

There are lots of memorable Halloween campaigns that have delivered effective storytelling and audience connection during this period. Below are five of our favourites to start the mini Halloween celebration…



1971 Count Chocula and Franken Berry

In 1971 Count Chocula and Franken Berry made their TV Appearance. In the adverts the two monsters, Count Alfred Chocula and Franken Berry, would engage in comic bickering over which cereal was better, when something or someone else interfered in their verbal sparring and scared them out of their wits.

In 2021, it was announced that, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the Monster Cereals, an amalgamated cereal entitled Monster Mash would be released.



‘Mr. Right’ 1980s Right Guard Halloween Advert

‘I’ve had enough of Mr Wrong, I wanna be with Mr Right’. This ‘Mr. Right’ Halloween advert from Right Guard captures the true essence the 1980s!



Toys ‘R’ Us 1980s Halloween Advert

The Big Bird and Yoda costumes were highly sort after at the time of this 1980s TV advert from Toys ‘R’ Us…


2010 Snickers Halloween

‘This Halloween Nothing Satisfies like Snickers.’ In 2010 Snickers released this creepy Halloween advert! A woman is in the supermarket, when she is approached by a strange looking “woman” (actually two children in a costume), informing her that she needs snickers in her trolley…



2017 Burger King trolls McDonalds

A great tactical campaign from Burger King for Halloween in 2017; ‘come as a clown, eat like a King’. They offered a free whopper to anyone to entered a Burger King dressed as a clown that Halloween period!



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