#FutureFriday Week 101

#FutureFriday Week 101

Sarah Bell June 24, 2022

#FutureFriday Week 101 – a weekly blog post helping support those who have found themselves facing redundancy, through sharing open marketing & digital roles with our networks.

Please share and spread the word – here are this week’s #FutureFriday Northeast roles:


New NE marketing & digital roles

#FutureFriday Week 101

Marketing Design Lead, Veeqo – Amazon https://bit.ly/3OgWe2l

Digital Experience Manager – Northumbrian Water/Essex & Suffolk Water https://bit.ly/3xOFTuB

Marketing Operations Assistant – Newcastle University https://bit.ly/3boY9mP

Digital Content Producer – University of Sunderland https://bit.ly/3OGpRdf

Marketing Automation Executive – Emerald Works https://bit.ly/3zZjBZW

Digital Service Manager – HM Revenue & Customs https://bit.ly/3OiFszO

Digital Marketing Manager – Crafter’s Companion https://bit.ly/3Oyt5iK

Email Marketing Specialist – Learning Technologies Group plc https://bit.ly/3HQeJIy

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Shipping, Veeqo – Amazon https://bit.ly/39QHNTp

Marketing Services Manager – Fedcap Employment https://bit.ly/3HKc9nk

Marketing Campaign Executive – EEMA & UK – ACCA https://bit.ly/3NhHv5U

Digital Marketer – My Learning Skills https://bit.ly/3HQoUN1

B2B Marketing Executive – Product Marketing Alliance https://bit.ly/3ycFGms

Content Marketer – Co Wheels https://bit.ly/3OfydbK

Digital Marketing Manager – Disturbia Clothing Ltd. https://bit.ly/3QIBgu

Previous NE marketing & digital roles


Strategy Manager – Tombola  https://bit.ly/3OjwWA7

Digital Marketing Specialist – DFDS https://bit.ly/3xgjUfL

Marketing Operations Manager – Newcastle Building Society https://bit.ly/39sCrxJ

Head of Marketing – Zentia https://bit.ly/3xAeIDF

Digital Strategy Consultant – Atos https://bit.ly/3mVjW8i

Digital Product Manager – Energy Saving Trust https://bit.ly/3NWls5D

Marketing CRM Executive – Lucky 7 Ventures https://bit.ly/3MWB4ow

Marketing Executive – FullProxy https://bit.ly/39xPMow

Digital Content Marketing Executive – JH https://bit.ly/3mRgafQ

Deployment Strategist – Vianova I/O https://bit.ly/3O06xHU

Digital Marketing Trainer – Allies Group https://bit.ly/3mQF4MM

Marketing Director – Red Kite Recruitment https://bit.ly/3NYTCWF

Marketing Executive – Tynemouth Aquarium https://bit.ly/3Hwfg1O 

Digital Product Manager – Energy Saving Trust https://bit.ly/3NEPScy

B2B Digital Marketing Manager – Central Employment Agency https://bit.ly/3NBlHD6 

Marketing Campaign Co-Ordinator – Admiral Slots – Luxury Leisure https://bit.ly/3zpunYX 

Digital Marketing Manager – Tech Procurement – REMOTE – Lorien https://bit.ly/3xpdD1E 

Digital Specialists – all levels – AECOM https://bit.ly/3t3eZxt 

Vertical Marketing Manager – nVent https://bit.ly/3LP8kNZ 

Digital Sales Advisor – The Instant Group https://bit.ly/3NVw5Wj 

Sales & Marketing Ops Manager – Amazon https://bit.ly/3PHX2yj 

Digital Marketing Coordinator – Arup https://bit.ly/3PoWwVP

We hope #FutureFriday helps those looking for a new role and provides a focus on opportunity for a positive future.


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