ITV Showcase 2024: Key Highlights and Takeaways

ITV Showcase 2024: Key Highlights and Takeaways

Freya Wilson July 11, 2024

A few weeks ago, our agency had the pleasure of attending the ITV Showcase 2024 in Manchester. This annual event is a staple on our calendar, providing us with invaluable insights into the latest happenings at ITV. It’s always a chance to delve into new research, preview upcoming content, and understand how ITV continues to innovate in the broadcasting and advertising arenas. 

Peter Field on Why TV is at the Heart of Advertising Effectiveness 

One of the standout moments from the event was Peter Field’s compelling presentation on the role of TV in advertising effectiveness. Field, renowned for his expertise in marketing effectiveness, provided a wealth of evidence underscoring the power of television. His research, based on 10 years of effectiveness data from the IPA and other major studies, concluded that TV’s effectiveness is growing.  


Peter Field, TV is at the Heart of Advertising Effectiveness

Here are some of his pivotal takeaways: 
  • Sustained Attention: TV maintains high levels of sustained attention for advertisements, which is crucial for brand building. 
  • Entertainment Value: TV offers an entertaining medium where engaging ads can thrive, capturing and holding audience interest. 
  • Trustworthiness: As a safe and trustworthy medium, TV helps build consumer trust in advertisements. 
  • On-Demand and Targetable: With the increasing availability of on-demand viewing options, TV ads are becoming more targetable, enhancing their effectiveness. 


Field also claimed that the most profitable campaigns spend 50% of their budget on TV.  


ITV’s latest Measurement Innovation 

Alongside Field’s presentation, we also heard from Kate Waters, ITV’s Director of Client Strategy and Planning, and Sameer Modha, ITV’s Measurement and Innovation Controller, on the platform’s latest measurement innovation. 


Kate Waters and Sameer Modha, ITV’s latest Measurement Innovation


They introduced three propositions as part of ITV’s outcomes measurement work, highlighting their significant impact: 
  1. Geo-X: Launched at last year’s Showcase, Geo-X has analysed over 30 campaigns. Results indicate an average uplift in website traffic of 23% for typical TV advertisers, and up to 38% for smaller advertisers. 
  2. Auction Boost: In collaboration with Omnicom Media Group, Percept, and Sequence Analytics, this initiative explores the interplay between TV advertising and search auctions. Findings reveal an average uplift of 5% in search performance across impressions, clicks, and conversions, with some brands experiencing up to a 20% increase. 
  3. Pricing Power: This study examines the relationship between TV advertising, brand equity, competition, and price elasticity, providing valuable insights for advertisers. 


H2 Programming Strategy 

Craig Morris, ITVX Editor, unveiled ITV’s H2 programming strategy, detailing the exciting lineup planned across ITV and ITVX. This segment underscored ITV’s commitment to delivering captivating content and engaging audiences nationwide.  


Craig Morris, ITV’s H2 Programming Strategy


The event also celebrated ITV’s partnerships with brands and how these collaborations mobilise the nation, as showcased through various programming initiatives like “Mr Bates vs The Post Office.” 

The ITV Showcase 2024 was a testament to television’s enduring power and evolving capabilities in the advertising landscape. With compelling evidence from Peter Field on TV’s effectiveness and innovative measurement techniques from ITV’s team, the event reinforced TV’s crucial role in building brands and engaging audiences.  

The insights gained from this showcase will undoubtedly shape our strategies and drive success for our clients. If you would like to speak to our media team about whether your brand might be right for TV, then please get in touch. 

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