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Analytics and data help us connect to our audiences by understanding their behaviour, their channel journey and how they engage with websites.

Data is at the heart of all our work with clients – more than ever companies need to access relevant data efficiently and interpret data effectively.


Our approach to Analytics & Data.

Data consultancy

We will start gathering a detailed understanding of your business and data needs and work collaboratively with you to set data objectives, develop a data strategy and implement the right data technology to support your ambitions.

Data visualisation and dashboarding

We build custom reports that will give your team the information they need in one easy to access location. These can be visualised centrally in applications such as Data Studio, Datorama or Tableau.

Audience and channel insight

We partner with leading insight and data solutions, including TGI, Nielsen and a cookieless data solution with 1st party Telco data from over 20 million UK adults; particularly important as we move towards a cookieless world.

Using these sources we can identify where your customers live, work and travel to (and when). We can understand every website and app they use and how often and deliver competitive advantage by accessing market information.

Advanced integrations

We deliver technical integrations such as Enhanced Ecommerce and Advanced Web Tracking to enable greater insight into elements such as audience shopping behaviour, funnel visualisation and granular product tracking.

Google Analytics training

We deliver bespoke Google Analytics training to enable our clients to get more out of their data. Training can be on site or remote, to any employees who want to understand their business data and how to access this information efficiently.


Analytics & Data audit.

Capturing the right data is the foundation of marketing success. We will audit your current data set up, as well as the configuration of key data platforms such as Google Analytics to ensure data is tracking correctly, you can trust it and its reporting on your key goals and objectives.

Contact us today to receive a review of your analytics & data set up by our team of specialists.

Talk to a Bonded Analytics & Data specialist.

We’ll work with you to build a brief, solve a specific problem or simply provide a fresh pair of eyes.


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What clients say about us.

The Bonded Team are exceptionally talented. Highly skilled in delivering effective Media & Digital Solutions for clients.
Paul Barnard
Managing Director, Regital
I’ve been very impressed with the Bonded team, they’ve really helped deliver on our business growth targets. Technically strong and great to work with – highly recommended.
Ali Ghobadi
Marketing Director, One Utility Bill

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