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Technical SEO is essential for all websites that have search engine optimisation as part of their marketing approach. Without technical competence, a website will miss out on the visibility it deserves.

Google’s ability to understand your site is directly impacted by technical SEO, from the initial crawl to its capacity to index your site’s content.


Our approach to Technical SEO.

Technical SEO is the backbone of any successful SEO campaign.

Technical deficiencies can lead to lost organic visibility when crawlers come across problems such as page load speed or rendering issues.

Even if your website has fantastic content, if it is unable to present it in an accessible way, then search engine visibility – and effective connection to your audiences – will always be held back. Technical requirements will change with each business and vary depending on a number of facets including website functionality, frequency of content changes and device access.

Technical issues require identification, resolution and monitoring on an ongoing basis in order to ensure wider development activity does not negatively impact your site’s organic search performance and its ability to reach and connect with valuable in-market customers.

Our approach to technical SEO.

Our first stage of technical SEO is a best practice, in-depth technical SEO audit covering everything from technical content duplication to indexation issues.

A comprehensive process, it will identify all relevant opportunities for technical optimisation, which will be communicated in a granular and clear list of actions for issue resolution.

We will then consult with your development team and relevant stakeholders on delivery of required changes, including which improvements should be prioritised to maximise impact.

Technical SEO development and consultancy.

Beyond issue resolution, our approach to technical development ensures your website maintains a competitive edge; from expanding site architecture to enable you to more effectively target valuable keyword groups, to enhancing user experience through Core Web Vitals optimisation – we’ll help you identify what technical projects are required to drive improved return through organic search.


Technical SEO audit.

We deliver in depth technical SEO audits for clients to identify opportunities for technical SEO improvements.

Contact us today to receive a review of your technical SEO performance by our team of specialists.

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We’ll work with you to build a brief, solve a specific problem or simply provide a fresh pair of eyes.


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