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Radio advertising is a cost-effective, high frequency and targeted media that can deliver an emotional audio connection with listeners.

Radio reaches millions every day and with our knowledge about each station’s audience, we create radio advertising campaigns that engage our clients’ audiences effectively and integrate seamlessly in multi-channel advertising campaigns.


Our approach to Radio Advertising.

Radio consumption behaviours are changing, particularly with the growth in digital audio channels, and with it channel advertising options are broadening.

An estimated 17 million adults in UK now listen to online audio and advertising options on platforms such as DAX and Spotify allow advertisers to be highly targeted towards the audience.

With 600+ licensed radio stations in the UK, there is a wealth of opportunity to connect our clients to their audiences through radio advertising.

We are able to access every single station and utilise industry leading planning tools to plan and activate effective campaigns.

Our creative partners are also on hand to write radio advertising and audio scripts and create adverts that can be produced quickly and to a high standard.


Our radio and audio partners include:

Heart Advertising

Heart Advertising

Capital Advertising

Capital Advertising

Absolute Advertising

Absolute Advertising

Planet Rock

Planet Rock

Classic Advertising

LBC Advertising

HITS Radio

Hits Radio Advertising

Gem 106 Advertising

Free Radio Advertising

Advertise On Clyde

Virgin Radio

Virgin Radio

Smooth Radio

Smooth Advertising

Kiss Advertising


DAX Advertising

Magic Advertising


Radio X Advertising

Digital Radio DAB

Digital Radio / DAB


Spotify Advertising

talk SPORT

TalkSport Advertising


Radio and audio advertising audit.

We deliver radio & audio advertising audits for clients to identify opportunities for more effective audience engagement and channel performance impact.

This covers everything from radio & audio advertising strategy, radio & audio channel planning, channel integration, pricing and performance.

Contact us today if you would like us to review your current radio & audio advertising approach.

Talk to a Bonded Radio Advertising specialist.

We’ll work with you to build a brief, solve a specific problem or simply provide a fresh pair of eyes.


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What clients say about us.

The Bonded Team are exceptionally talented. Highly skilled in delivering effective Media & Digital Solutions for clients.
Paul Barnard
Managing Director, Regital
Performance focused team, who deliver results and really invest time to connect to your business.
Greg Gaffney
Ecommerce Director

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