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Television advertising is one of the most effective media channels for connecting to audiences at scale.

With the multitude of channels available and the changing consumption habits of TV, the opportunities to connect to audiences through TV advertising are greater than ever.


Our approach to TV Advertising.

TV can be bought across a range of levels, from a national terrestrial basis, national satellite basis, regional level and down to transmitter level.

It is even possible to target customers at postal code level with Sky Adsmart. The plethora of options now available allow you to be highly targeted towards the audience.

TV consumption habits mean that on demand TV consumption has grown significantly.

Online video consumption has also risen exponentially in recent years.

We integrate traditional linear TV advertising with other channel options such as Video on Demand (VOD) and video channel advertising (e.g. Youtube) to deliver a fully integrated advertising that connects effectively to our clients’ audiences.

We’ve built strong relationships with all the leading TV and video publishers and as an independent agency, we operate outside restrictive share deals and shareholder interests – meaning we can deliver the best value and pricing possible for our clients.

We have a screen agnostic approach to TV channel advertising, that is reflective of audience consumption habits today and delivers a focussed distribution of reach to engage the audience. We utilise leading audience, planning and data tools to inform our approach. TV advertising and multi-channel planning.

Research shows that 80%+ of people watching TV are browsing the internet at the same time and a high percentage of people browsing the internet whilst watching TV are searching for content specifically relating to the TV advertising they’ve seen.

Their online behaviours include:

And a high percentage of people browsing the internet whilst watching TV are searching for content specifically relating to the TV advertising they’ve seen.

We plan fully integrated channel campaigns for clients to deliver the highest impact from their advertising spend.

Connecting TV advertising with digital channels such as search engine marketing and social media has shown ability to increase TV Ad Awareness by more than 40%; enabling new opportunities for audience connection and campaign measurement.


TV advertising audit.

We deliver TV Advertising audits for clients to identify opportunities for more effective audience engagement and channel performance impact. This covers everything from TV advertising strategy, TV channel planning, channel integration, pricing and performance.

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