The importance of creativity when advertising in an automated world

The importance of creativity when advertising in an automated world

Bonded Agency April 17, 2023

As brands lean into automation for ad creation and deployment, the human factor of creativity becomes increasingly important.

As busy marketers get more and more piled onto their to-do lists, finding the right balance between automation and more deliberate human intervention can be tricky. As an unmeasurable, subjective discipline, the effect and output of creativity can be tough to measure, especially when it comes to grabbing an audience’s attention and giving them the ads that they really want.

With ad platforms in particular moving to automated tools and systems over the past decade, it’s become easy and incredibly convenient to automate ad production, targeting, budgets and more. Increasingly, with the likes of generative AI, this is now also veering into ad copy and creative — the likes of Google’s Performance Max, and new ‘AI generated ad copy’ feature they recently rolled out show a continued march toward this. But research suggests that the personal touch consumers love and are used to seeing is being lost amongst the convenience. 

According to DigitalNewsDaily, brands now only have an astounding 920 milliseconds to appeal to their audience, meaning your marketing has less than a second to hook potential customers. With such little time to make a lasting impression, the need to ensure that what you produce and send out is enthralling, enthusiastic and informative becomes more relevant than it ever has been. 

With AI generated content still in its relative infancy, a human approach will likely trump automated messaging — for now. Whether it’s charisma or charm, wittiness, or carefully crafted copy that engages, surprises and delights, don’t let these crucial qualities lack in your brand’s marketing. 

According to Fortuna, customers know within an instant if they are interested in a product, with this metaphorical brain switch only being clicked when we’re fully engaged and excited by what we see. The best way to grab people’s attention? Unique creativity.

According to Don’t Panic London, your best bet is to be compelling and creative so that you don’t end up floating throughout the lost space of the internet. If your advertisements don’t scream your brand messaging as a whole, then they’re not the right fit. Work on incorporating a fun spirit into your content and try something new. 

In an incredibly crowded marketplaces where brands are vying for attention — people see an estimated 10,000 advertising messages each day according to according to this study

It’s important for marketers to allow time, space, and freedom of thought to allow creativity to shine through. While taking the automated option, testing and experimenting with it will undoubtedly provide useful data and feedback, allowing creativity in all stages of the advertising process will more likely lead to success. Creative copy, whether in the form or organic social imagery, search ad copy, radio jingles, a TV advertising hook, or any other form of creative expression is going to become the differentiator.

If you’re looking for an advertising strategy like no other, one which fuses creativity with the benefits of automation,  then connect with us to discuss the ways in which we can help. 

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