Why a modern social advertising mix is all about fragmentation

Why a modern social advertising mix is all about fragmentation

Pippa Gilroy March 20, 2023

When it comes to paid social, Meta-owned platforms have long been the go-to. But as other ad platforms improve, is that finally changing?

As of January 2022, Facebook and Instagram were the leading social platforms that were utilised by marketers worldwide, with Facebook taking 90% and Instagram 79% according to a study by Frankwatching. These platforms are often praised by marketers for their ability to reach customers easily and efficiently, especially given the size of their respective user bases. This has made them a shoe-in for most social strategies over the past decade. 

However, as platforms such as Reddit, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest improve their own ad options, they’re being increasingly considered by marketers – especially given turbulence around privacy, iOS 14.5, and a raft of other challenges around advertising on Meta.

We look at how these other platforms benefit a social advertising campaign mix.


Reddit states that they had 57 million active daily users as of 2021, as well as 100,000 active communities garnering 13 billion posts. Its users are among the most passionate and engaged in its communities. The platform states that, when using their ad services, businesses will have the ability to “engage our unique audience in moments when opinions are formed and decisions are made”. Reddit has a range of ad options that include text, images and video that can help businesses reach their target audiences. 

Businesses also have the option to opt into high-impact offerings such as ‘Reddit Takeover’, which can reach users beyond the Reddit feed, and choose moments to target them when they are most engaged. Other offerings include front page takeovers as well as first view impressions, where advertisers can own the first unique ad impression on Reddit. Reddit is popular with users aged 18 to 29, with 1 in 3 Reddit users in the US being in this age range. The platform is great for marketers to find out more about user interests and opinions, so ad decisions can be made effectively, especially when organically engaging with them in communities.

Proceed with caution, however — Redditors generally avoid and berate ads that are too promotional, so ensure your messaging and creative is tip-top.


Snapchat had 363 million active users daily worldwide as of the first quarter of 2022.

The real-time photo sharing app claims that their users are generally happier using their platform over others, driving deeper engagement. This is because users can freely express themselves on the app, which makes them happier to engage with other content. 

The platform reaches 90% of the 13 to 24-year-old population as well as 75% of 13 to 34-year-olds in over 20 countries. Snapchat has impressive statistics when it comes to the younger generation, with 55% of them having ad recall after just watching zero to two seconds of a Snapchat ad. 64% of ads with audio were listened to, which is essential for youngsters due to their likelihood to engage with it. Marketers spent $2.62 billion on Snapchat ads as of 2021, which proves that more businesses are realising that it can meet their advertising needs, especially with Gen Z audiences.

With $4.4 trillion in global spending power and Gen Z to Millennials having $1 trillion in spending power alone, Snapchat users are ready to make purchases, so it is essential to make sure that these groups are seeing ads. These Snapchat users are ready to spend – take advantage of that!


Pinterest ads can reach its impressive 400 million active monthly user base and can be desirable to businesses with smaller ad budgets because of its cost-effectiveness relative to the likes of Meta.

According to the platform, 89% of US pinners use Pinterest for inspiration on their path to purchase, with 83% of weekly US Pinners making a purchase based on Pins from brands. Businesses have the option to advertise via Promoted Pins, with controls over targeting recipients by age, location and language, to name a few.

Advertisers can also make use of Idea Pins, which are short story pins similar to Instagram stories with abilities to tag users, and add interactive stickers and text and graphic overlays. New in 2022 is the Try On pins, where users can immerse themselves in a virtual fitting room, seeing what a product will look like on them via a phone camera. Pinterest’s user base is heavily made up of US Millennials (52%), with 60% of Pinterest’s global audience identifying as female. However, Gen Z users are growing year by year, and now make up 40% of Pinterest’s global user base.

Pinterest users are typically high earners, with 45% of social users in the US having a household income of over $100,000. Pinterest is typically great for industries that have a focus on home decor, cooking, fashion and beauty. The Pinterest customer is already looking for inspiration to buy products, businesses just need to get their pins in front of them.

After considering all of these alternative options, it might be worthwhile for brands to consider and explore outside of the Meta-owned platforms. Whether you dabble in Pinterest for your homewares brand, experiment with Snapchat Ads for your FMCG product, or try and grow a community on Reddit, be sure to explore the ad options available.

Not sure where to start, or need a little guidance in terms of brand safety, creative and targeting?

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